Our Company


GWG Mortgage Co., Inc. was formed in 1994, is locally owned, and provides a complete set of mortgage services throughout the state of Texas.

We have a variety of investors that allow us to pick and choose among the best service providers in the industry to match loans with the needs of our customers.

The uniqueness in our company comes from our diverse experience. We possess 20 years experience in commercial banking and 20 years experience in mortgage lending. Over 40 years of combined experience allows us to get involved in the lending process and help solve problems. When a borrower has problems involving title, survey, liens or credit issues, you can have confidence that is probably not the first time we have seen such a problem. We solve problems, and make the mortgage process painless.  

Solving problems is especially helpful when it comes to construction lending, our specialty. Rather than immediately starting the processing of a construction loan, we do an overview of the project, reviewing your cost and the equity you have in the project. We check title, review construct costs, and visit with your builder before ever considering a closing.

We are a full service lender and have any product available at a major bank...but with numerous sources for the same loan.

Over the past 8 or 10 years, most lenders have taken FNMA and FHLMC guidelines, and have added to them an additional set of rules called "overlays".  These overlays may prevent you from obtaining your loan. Most banks only have one source of financing, or only one loan to provide you. If their overlays conflict with your situation, you simply do not get a loan. With our various lenders, we have many more options.

With regard to our rate, we are competitive with our local banks, and brokers, and in line with national rates. We have a select group of lenders with which we work, and pride ourselves in the level of service they provide us and our clients. 

About Bill


Our President, George William ( Bill ) Goeser, II, was born and raised in the valley, and graduated from the UT system. Thereafter, he completed a three year post-graduate  commercial banking program through SMU's Southwest Graduate School of Banking, graduating with honors. During the first half of his career he was primarily involved in commercial banking. He ended his commercial banking career as president of a local bank. During the last half of his career, he has been mainly self employed in the mortgage industry.

While in commercial banking, in addition to his duties as a loan officer, he also served as a staff appraiser, review appraiser on both residential and commercial appraisal reports, and compliance officer for the bank. As such, he implemented changes to policy to remain compliant with the various state and federal  banking laws.  His primary area of expertise during this period was real estate lending, including both residential and commercial construction and permanent loans.

During his period of self employment, he specialized in One Time Close loans, with the company having extended in excess of 500 One Time Close loans. Combined, he has produced well over 1,000 One Time Close Loans, attesting to his knowledge and experience with the product.